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Jill Brandon is a passionate singer and performer from Mineola, Texas. She has been gracing the stage since the very young age of 5 years old, first performing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ for a church congregation. Since that day Jill was sure that this would be the gift that she would use to share music that inspired others. 

She is involved in many events throughout the year, as she works towards creating and sharing more music with her upcoming all original album!

Jill is professional, personable, and can shape her style to fit into many diverse venues, while staying true to her own originality, creativity, and clear powerful sound. Although she is an Inspirational Artist, she is very eclectic in her singing style and enjoys incorporating her style into all music she pursues. Growing up in many musically diverse environments, Jill found a love for multiple genres & pursued learning as much as she could about varied types of music.

Music and Jill's faith have continuously been interwoven into her life since a very young age. Starting out in an abusive broken home, Jill learned how quickly life and its circumstances can change. “There were few things in my life that were certain at that time.” Jill shares, “My faith and my music were the two main constants that got me through my darkest night and were with me in my greatest of celebrations. I learned that I had to make the choice to be different and with every trial and circumstance there was something to be learned. Music was such a healing bridge for me, from my trials to my triumphing over them.”

Life experiences have shaped Jill’s love and passion for music and her desire to share that music with others, as she knows herself how powerful music can be.

“This is my passion, my purpose, my desire; to encourage others to love, experience, and FEEL music, in the best way I know how,” – Jill Brandon


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